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Creating a Wedding Design that Reflects Your Personal Style 1/20/2018

You are enjoying the excitement of your engagement and the initial fun of planning a wedding that you have dreamed about for a long time. You have loads of ideas but now you are a bit overwhelmed with the seeming 1000’s of details to contemplate. Does that sound familiar?

If you are like most couples you have a Pinterest board labeled “wedding ideas”. However, as you look at the board you realize that it is full of lots of ideas of what everyone else has done for their weddings, but maybe nothing that looks like a coherent plan. How do you take all the information, thoughts and dreams and make them your own in a curated look that truly matches your dream?

Let’s talk about a few things that I believe will help you put together a plan that will result in your wedding having that special look that perfectly reflects who you are and your beautiful dream for your wedding day.

The first thing we will talk about is your personal style and how that can be incorporated into your wedding décor. In this article we will specifically talk about the how color plays important role in creating your personal plan. Later we will delve more into design and how to know your personal style. Lastly, we will discuss how to best work with your event and floral designer to be sure you get the most advantage from their expertise while staying true to your vision for your wedding day.

So, how do you know what your wedding style is and how do you go about putting that into words or pictures? First, let’s consider your color scheme.

You have probably noticed on Pinterest and other design sites that there always seem to be trends in colors that are popular for weddings at the moment. Some of those trends come and go quickly. Others seem to hang around for a very long time. How can those trends help you and how can they hinder you?

Here are a few thoughts along that line. If you are a very trend conscious person then you may be happy copying exactly what you see on Pinterest. For example, we all know that “Blush” has been the color to love for quite a while now. When I’ve talked to a bride in the past year and I asked that bride what color palette she is choosing, about 50% of the time her reply would be “blush and something”. Blush and gold, blush and burgundy, blush and cream are the typical answers. Why are so many brides choosing the same thing, in this case blush?

Partly because blush is truly a soft and romantic color palette to use for a wedding. What a great reason to choose blush for your color scheme. However, I would venture to say that many brides choose it because it is all over Pinterest which makes it the easy choice. Perhaps blush is truly your dream. If so, even though every other bride in the world is choosing it, I would say… go for it! If you truly love blush for example and it fits the thoughts below then of course you should incorporate blush into your décor and wedding plans.

If that is not truly the case however, could there be other options? How do you know what is a great choice for you individually? Let’s look a little deeper than Pinterest.

Ask yourself a few questions.
• What colors do you truly look good in and feel good wearing? (Yes, I know you will not be wearing this color but stay with me, I have a good reason.)
• What colors do you typically decorate with in your home or apartment? What style furniture do you love?
• What colors are you drawn to when you see other people wearing them? What colors do you notice?
• Go to Home Depot and look at the wall of paint color swatches. Let your eyes roam over the colors. What color family resonates with you? You know, that color that you react to…. “Wow, I love that color.”
• Take a stroll through Pinterest but instead of looking at wedding boards, look at fashion or home decorating boards. Save a few from each category that you love and take time to ponder these questions. Ask yourself, what do you see in common? What are the colors you notice? If it is neutral, what accent color catch your eye. Yes, I know…. 80% of the walls on Pinterest right now are painted some type of gray. But try to look past that. Ask yourself questions like, does gray (or whatever color you are seeing) really do it for you? If you are in a gray room how do you feel… Relaxed, depressed, calm, excited or at home?
• What type of styles do you truly love… modern, romantic, frilly, full of bling? Are there colors that go with that style more readily than others?

Are you beginning to get the idea that we want you to truly zero in on your person style and color?

Why is this important?

Yes, it is true that you will most likely be wearing a white or ivory dress and not the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. But you will be surrounded by a sea of this color with your bridesmaids’ dresses, in the flowers and other decor. If you are going to be surrounded by color, why wouldn’t you want it to be a color that looks good on you?

So let’s choose a color that will brings out your best features such as your eye color and your softest skin tones. After all, as much as we want your bridesmaids to be beautiful, you are the star of the show. Let’s be honest, when you look back at your lovely photos years from now you will be looking at how you looked the most. We want that picture to resonate with what makes you look fresh and alive.

Now that you have gone through this process, are you surprised at what you discovered? Do you truly LOVE the color that you are thinking about for your wedding palette? If so, congratulations you can start thinking about your style. If not, take some colors that you discovered in this process and google those colors on Pinterest. What do you find? Do you love what you see? If so, you are on the right track. Hooray! If you don’t love it, try to figure out why. Is it too harsh, too muted or have you just not found the correct complimenting colors to go with it? Maybe you just need a different shade of that color.

This is where a really great floral and event designer can help. If you have chosen a talented professional they have an eye for color and design. Let them help you put some colors together that will feel exciting but at the same time restful for you. Your designer can help you discover the flower choices that complement that color perfectly.

In the next few articles we will talk more about how to work with your floral designer to come up with a plan that truly thrills your heart. We will also talk about your style. Are you truly a rustic girl, are you more glamour and glitz or are you quiet sophistication? Your wedding day should be a reflection of who the two of you are and what you want to present to the world. When your guest walk into your dream day you want them to think… wow, this is so (_your name_)! We want you to think that you were vibrantly alive and pleasantly calm in the environment that we have created together.

Thanks for taking the time to think about color with me today. If you have questions please let me know. Let us know how we can help you discover your perfect color palette and how to create a wedding dream that will make you say “WOW!” We want you to enjoy the beauty of a day that perfectly reflected your style and was full of color that made your eye light up and your beauty glow. “Because we know that beauty and flowers feed the soul.”

Dreams 6/1/2017

Behind every business there is a business owner, a creator and dreamer. There are as many dreams as there are individuals. Dreams can be big or small. They can be about making money or making a difference. Often we don’t even realize that there are wonderful dreams rooted deeply within us and the things that we love and the things that we are just naturally good at in life are a part of that dream.

It is so easy to concentrate on our weaknesses and our failures. We compare ourselves and our performance to what others are good at instead of truly looking at our gifts. How long has it been since you really took the time to think about what you love to do. What makes you come alive? What do you do so well that other people comment on what a great job you have done and are amazed at the ease with which you do it? Perhaps those things should be a clue.

I have spent the last 35 years as a wife and then mother and loved every year of that journey. But this was about a new season of life and a new dream. I knew that my mission in this season is to “Inspire and Empower Women to be all that they are created to be in Life and Business.” I even knew that I was supposed to do this in the business world, but still grappled with the best fit for me to accomplish that vision. Before I started this business, Righteous Oaks Floral I was on another path trying to be good at something that honestly was just not my cup of tea. I was working hard trying to make it happen in a way that would be acceptable and look successful to others.

For many years I have done floral designs for parties, showers and weddings. I love all things flowers and have a natural flair arranging them and creating beauty with flowers. I struggled to make my product driven business work and I did flowers just as a hobby. Then one summer I was working on the floral designs for an upcoming wedding of a friend of my daughters. As I was walking into the floral wholesale place I realized…… I LOVE THE SMELL OF FLOWERS. I love seeing all the colors, feeling the petals and dreaming of beautiful ways to use them. Then it hit me…. I speak to women all the time and encourage them to go out there and do and be all that they are created by God to be. The LIGHTBULB went on, this is part of what I am created to be!! I am created to make things beautiful with flowers.

Righteous Oaks Florals was founded that very week. In a later blog I will tell you the story of how the name Righteous Oaks evolved. I began to share my dream and put it out there for the world to hear and I began to plan and work to make it happen. Now I get to live my dream every time I arrange a beautiful bouquet and see the joy on a brides’ face or create a beautiful tablescape that a can complete the vision of a hostess. During these times I get to live my dream and make the world a beautiful place in the process.

Most importantly, when I encourage other women to live their dreams and be all that they are created to be, I know that I have had the courage to step out and do the same thing. What is your dream? What were you created to be and to do to make an impact on this world?


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