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Dreams 6/1/2017

Behind every business there is a business owner, a creator and dreamer. There are as many dreams as there are individuals. Dreams can be big or small. They can be about making money or making a difference. Often we don’t even realize that there are wonderful dreams rooted deeply within us and the things that we love and the things that we are just naturally good at in life are a part of that dream.

It is so easy to concentrate on our weaknesses and our failures. We compare ourselves and our performance to what others are good at instead of truly looking at our gifts. How long has it been since you really took the time to think about what you love to do. What makes you come alive? What do you do so well that other people comment on what a great job you have done and are amazed at the ease with which you do it? Perhaps those things should be a clue.

I have spent the last 35 years as a wife and then mother and loved every year of that journey. But this was about a new season of life and a new dream. I knew that my mission in this season is to “Inspire and Empower Women to be all that they are created to be in Life and Business.” I even knew that I was supposed to do this in the business world, but still grappled with the best fit for me to accomplish that vision. Before I started this business, Righteous Oaks Floral I was on another path trying to be good at something that honestly was just not my cup of tea. I was working hard trying to make it happen in a way that would be acceptable and look successful to others.

For many years I have done floral designs for parties, showers and weddings. I love all things flowers and have a natural flair arranging them and creating beauty with flowers. I struggled to make my product driven business work and I did flowers just as a hobby. Then one summer I was working on the floral designs for an upcoming wedding of a friend of my daughters. As I was walking into the floral wholesale place I realized…… I LOVE THE SMELL OF FLOWERS. I love seeing all the colors, feeling the petals and dreaming of beautiful ways to use them. Then it hit me…. I speak to women all the time and encourage them to go out there and do and be all that they are created by God to be. The LIGHTBULB went on, this is part of what I am created to be!! I am created to make things beautiful with flowers.

Righteous Oaks Florals was founded that very week. In a later blog I will tell you the story of how the name Righteous Oaks evolved. I began to share my dream and put it out there for the world to hear and I began to plan and work to make it happen. Now I get to live my dream every time I arrange a beautiful bouquet and see the joy on a brides’ face or create a beautiful tablescape that a can complete the vision of a hostess. During these times I get to live my dream and make the world a beautiful place in the process.

Most importantly, when I encourage other women to live their dreams and be all that they are created to be, I know that I have had the courage to step out and do the same thing. What is your dream? What were you created to be and to do to make an impact on this world?


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