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Niki Spector Daniels - Bride
Wedding, Denver CO

I was incredibly blessed by JoBeth’s floral expertise, calming presence, and constant help and support in the weeks and days leading up to my wedding. I had an intricate and very specific idea in my head about what I wanted my wedding flowers to look like, and she took that idea and made it come to life far more abundantly that I dreamed! JoBeth is so knowledgeable about how flowers act/what they need, what colors work well together, and she will take care of everything. She made me feel so confident that I had absolutely nothing to worry about – which was so nice amidst a busy wedding planning season. JoBeth will not only make sure that your flowers are beautiful, healthy and exactly what you want, but she will also care for you, get to know your heart and love on you really well. I can’t say enough about how lovely it was working with her for my big day!

Olivia Mangiaracina McWhirter - Bride
Wedding, Canton GA

JoBeth did an amazing job with my wedding! I knew what I wanted and can be quite picky, and she made everything more beautiful than I imagined. She has an eye for style and color and knew exactly what would match the ideas in my head. Plus she’s so sweet and easy to work with!

Mike Flowers - Caterer
East Side Catering, Marietta GA

I have known JoBeth Martin personally and professionally for over 15 years. It’s always a delight to work alongside her on special events as I know every little detail will be completed on time. JoBeth’s sweet spirit combined with her professional experience make every event a “special” one. From a simple, do-it-yourself BBQ dinner to an elaborate wedding reception, JoBeth has all the right ingredients required to accomplish a fun, successful, calm and stress-free affair. It’s without hesitation that I recommend her for your upcoming special event.
Eastside Catering Services, Inc.
Mike Flowers, President

Kaitlyn Brandon - Bridesmaid
Bridal Workshop, Milton GA

I have been in several weddings but never put together my own bouquet. This was by far my favorite part leading up to the wedding. It was a sweet moment with all the bridesmaids and Griffin (The Bride). It was the perfect opportunity to bond with everyone. At first, I was a little intimidated about creating a bouquet, because it was something I had never attempted before. However, JoBeth was an outstanding instructor, and she made the process easy and fun. Everyone’s bouquet turned out beautiful, and it was cool to carry our own creation down the aisle.

Paige Vance - Bridesmaid
Bridal Workshop, Golden CO

It was such a joy working with JoBeth during the bridesmaid flower workshop. It was so fun learning about each other flowers, and the process of making the bouquet. I loved getting to spend time with the bride during the workshop and watch her face light up as we all made her flower dreams a reality. JoBeth is so kind, very helpful, and is a wonderful teacher. I walked about from the workshop feeling confident in my bouquet and the ability to do this again myself. It is one of my favorite moments from the wedding weekend. You won’t regret working with JoBeth!

Diana Lawler - Caterer and Client
Diana's Catering, Norcross GA

I have worked with JoBeth a number of times on special events where she has provided beautiful floral arrangements, bouquets and corsages. She is able to adapt her arrangements to set the tone and atmosphere for a variety of occasions: from a formal wedding to a country barn reception to a homey rehearsal dinner, her arrangements and bouquets have complimented the atmosphere desired by the clients. I highly recommend her work and look forward to her creativity as she expands her business.

Kate Spector - Mother of the Bride
Bridal Workshop, Denver CO

Niki and her 9 bridesmaids had so much fun at the Saturday morning workshop on the day before her wedding. To see the girls bond over the building of their bouquets under your direction was a special treat for the rest of family and friends who popped in and out of the flower-zone.
I was overwhelmed with the professionalism and encouragement you brought to the whole process. You came with a vision and a plan which you had worked through with Niki. You had everything needed in the way of tools, tricks, and limitless patience. Although each of the girls had different flower-arranging comfort levels coming into the process, you somehow managed to help each one end up with a bouquet that worked with the full floral plan, and each girl felt thrilled pride in her creation. This connection each girl then felt to her bouquet was an unexpected benefit.

Kate Spector - Mother of the Bride
Wedding, Denver CO

After this workshop morning you tirelessly worked to get the rest of the arrangements done and packed for transport to the hotel. The bouquets were magnificent, fresh and lasted well beyond the wedding, exactly what Niki and I wanted.
From you helping Niki get her flowers chosen and ordered, to fixing the bouquet vases top-heaviness by ‘MacGyvering’ a solution of using rocks from the wedding-venue garden in the vases, you were a voice of calm reassurance and creative solutions. I did not have to worry about anything! That is a huge gift for which I am SO grateful.
Always in gratitude!

Niki Spector Daniels - Bride
Bridesmaid Workshop, Denver CO

When I was first thinking about the weekend of my wedding and how I wanted to fill my time, I immediately knew I wanted some quality time with my favorite women. I was also doing my best to honor my wedding finances, and JoBeth’s Bridesmaids Floral Workshop accomplished both of these things, as it turned out to be some of my absolute favorite moments of that weekend and kept me in line with my budget. JoBeth set everything up, prepped the flowers, and had all of the tools we needed ready to go. It was so much FUN to learn from JoBeth how to put together a bouquet, laugh with my friends and family, and know that we were part of creating such beautiful arrangements! JoBeth was so patient with us when we screwed our bouquets up, stepped in with her extensive knowledge and skill when we needed help, and let us explore how to make it come to life! My bridesmaids to this day talk about how much fun it was to each create their own bouquet to carry down the aisle, and at the end JoBeth made sure that all of the bouquets looked uniform and lovely, with their own personality and quirk still alive and well. Hands down, one of the best choices I made for our wedding!

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