This is where the fun happens and it is a place where we can be most creative in deciding how to decorate.  The possibilities are endless.  We truly can do it simple and sweet or as elaborate as you have pictured in your dreams.  You will see guest table arrangements that showcase everything from beautiful and colorful table runner with candles all the way up to tall and flowing arrangements.  A new trend is lovely hanging arrangements which are especially beautiful in a large warehouse or loft type venue where there is a lot of visual space to fill.  Each guest table can be exactly alike or we can do a combination of styles that complement each other and the head table.


The cake table and serving tables are an area where you will really want to make a big impact and the possibilities are wonderful to dream about.  We have also included just a few suggestions for the small details that bring it all together such as seating assignment displays and beautiful directional signage.  We have wonderfully gifted partners who can help create anything that you want in this area.

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